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consultancy for European R&D funding
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Examples of work carried out

Author or a large number of funded COFUND proposals, including:

o  INSPIRE (Irish Research Council for Science and Technology, now IRC) http://www.research.ie/scheme/inspire-postdoctoral-fellowship-scheme

o  ERMOS (Estonian Science Foundation) http://www.etf.ee/index.php?page=343S& 

o  CARA (Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences, now IRC)

o  SIRG (Science Foundation Ireland)

o  ELEVATE (IRCSET)  http://irishresearchcouncil.ie/scheme/elevate

o  CO-CIRCULATIOn (TUBITAK) http://www.cocirc.tubitak.gov.tr/

o  CONEX (Universidad C3M)  http://www.uc3m.es/portal/page/portal/investigacion/Conex

o  HERMES (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation http://www.avh.de/web/georg-forster-fellowship-experienced.html

o  ASSISTID (Respect, an Irish charity) http://www.assistid.eu

o  EDGE (Trinity College Dublin) http://edge-research.eu/

Co-writer, Proofreader and editor of funded ITN proposals:

o  EUVIRNA, Utrecht University www.euvirna.eu

o  MICACT, Tartu University, http://www.micact.eu/

o  Anti-virals, Utrecht University, www.antivirals-etn.eu

o  MELPLEX, RCSI, www.melplex.eu

o  INNOWAVE, Maynooth University (contract negotiations not successful)

o  OUTCOME, UC3M, www. outcome-itn.com

o  TEAM, UCD, www.team-itn.ucd.ie

o  CHESS, UCD, www.chessitn.eu

o  CATCH, UCD, www.catchitn.eu

Co-writer, Proofreader and editor of other projects:

o  IAPP proposal ENDOPREDICT, RCSI, ended

o  EURAXESS TOP II, FECYT (Spain), ended

o  28 Individual Fellowship proposals of which 12 were funded

Training :

o  ‘How to write a successful Marie Curie ITN-proposal’, 8 courses with Yellow Research (2008 – 2012)

o  ‘How to write a successful Marie Curie IAPP-proposal’, 5 courses with Yellow Research (2008 _ 2012)

o  'Marie Curie Project Management', 4 courses with Yellow Research (2008 – 2012)

o  Marie Curie ITN Masterclasses, 10 masterclasses (2013 – 2016)

o  Marie Curie ITN Strategic Workshops, 2 workshops given (2015)

o  Marie Curie Individual Fellowships workshops, 5 workshops given (2012 – 2016)

o  Mentoring researchers new to FP7 through the Enterprise Ireland Monitoring Scheme (2011-2012)

I have given these activities in the Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, and France (for an ITN consortium).

Selected other activities:

o  Strategic advisor to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with the objective of increasing RCSI’s participation in the MSCA scheme (2012-current)

o  Organiser of a Workshop during the Irish EU presidency event (Researcher Careers & Mobility Conference), organized by the Irish University Association (2013)

o  Invited speaker at IRCHSS & IRCSET Postdoctoral Symposium (2011)

o  Chair of the Advisory Board of the ERA-MIND project (2009 - 2011)

o  Independent Observer for evaluation of proposals for the ‘Universities’ call in 2010, Science and Society unit, European Commission, DG RTD, Brussels, Belgium (2010)

o  Review of INSPIRE scheme (fellowships funding scheme, co-funded by Marie Curie COFUND programme) (2010)

o  Independent Observer for the European Commission for the evaluation of proposals submitted to Marie Curie Initial Training Networks calls (2007 - 2008)




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